Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I Wonder Where You Are

The person this is dedicated to knows who they are.

Sometimes I wonder where you are when I’m all alone and scared

The times when I’m sad and seems like nobody cares

Reachin’ out for someone but thinkin’ nobody’s there

Then I turn the corner and suddenly you’re already there

Waitin’ with open arms and a hug and a kiss

Even if I’m down it all changes for the better after this

The good that you’ve done couldn’t fit on a list

That circled the world twice for me and my sis

Never mind the money spent on toys that you got us

I’ll remember you for all of the joys that you brought us

School could never ever teach the lessons you taught us

If we were to fall you were always the one that caught us

When everyone else was rusty you did not tarnish

And you show us the light when we’re lost in the darkness

When we were tired and almost quit you cheered the hardest

I just want you to know I’ll love you regardless

Daniel Herring


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